About OSTC Brussels

The Office of Science and Technology, Royal Thai Embassy in Brussels is an agency under the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Kingdom of Thailand, and answers to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Office of Science and Technology (OSTC) in Brussels was established in October 1989 to carry out its mission within the European Union. The Office gives advice in the field of science, technologies and innovation. In addition, it also performs research and gathers information on the development of science, technologies and innovation in Europe. The Office follows, coordinates and cooperates on projects with other agencies and institutions in Europe to exchange knowledge and promote relevant technologies for Thailand.

The OSTC represents Thailand's in the field of science, technology and innovation. Its mandate is to provide policies recommendations on scientific development, technologies and innovation, which also includes cooperation in the field of research and innovation with European countries in order to develop Thailand's short-term and long-term economic and social development plan.

In addition, the Office of Science and Technology implements campaigns such as the "Reverse Brain Drain initiative" and collaborates with the Thai Commission on Higher Education to connect with both Thai and international science and technology professionals working and living in Europe. The aim is to learn from the knowledge and experiences of these professionals to develop Thailand's science and technology potential and increase competitiveness.

The Office of Science and Technology is situated at Boulevard du Souverain 412, Brussels, 1150, Belgium


Main Objectives

  • Follow, analyse and prepare policy recommendations on science, technology and innovation as guidelines for the development of said activities in Thailand
  • Seek cooperation in research and development and in the application of research results with other agencies and ATPER members in Europe, to encourage cooperation for better social and economic services and production and to increase jobs
  • Act as a representative of Thailand's Science and technology units in meetings and conferences relating to science and technologies, as well as in negotiations to support scientific and technological export and national agreements regarding science and technology between European countries and Thailand 


Cooperation with partners

  • Association of Thai Professionals in European Regions – ATPER
  • Office of International Cooperation, Office of the Permanent Secretary
  • Team Thailand in 28 member states of European Union as well as in Switzerland, Monaco, Norway, Turkey and Iceland
  • Office of the Higher Education Commission  
  • The Reverse Brain Drain Project under the supervision of National Science and Technology Development Agency


Current Workforce

  1. Director / Minister Counsellor (Science and Technology)
  2. Liaison Officer (Local staff)

As the supervision of the Office and Science and Technology is expanded to cover 33 countries in Europe, the office’s responsibilities and duties had been doubling and thus the previous workforce plan isn’t adequate to achieve the effective performance. This could finally impair the opportunities of Thailand to promote collaborations in Science, Technology and Innovation with EU. Therefore, the office has recruited additional workforce to work as project officer so as to ensure the continuity of the effective performance.


Project Officer

  1. Science & Technology Consultant
  2. Science, Technology & Innovation Assistant