In addition to bilateral cooperation with the EU, Thailand also engages in regional cooperation and thematic cooperation with the EU.


Collaboration with the Association of Thai Professionals in Europe (ATPER)

ATPER was established by Thai professionals who reside in Europe and Thai university students who study in Europe who want to support and develop Thailand's science and technology potential. In 1993, the association was unofficially established with the support of the Thailand's Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment at the time. In 1997 the Association officially registered with La Prefecture de Police Paris in France.  


Association President from Past to Present  

Dr. Thunyasihtj Nimittherapharp, GERMANY (1993-1996)

Dr. Anake Kijjoa, PORTUGAL (1996-1999)

Dr. Vanee Satrawaha Meisinger, AUSTRIA (1999-2005)

Dr. Krisna Rungruangsak Torrissen, NORWAY (2005-present)


ATPER plays a role in promoting scientific knowledge between the EU and Thailand through various activities such as:

  • Training 
  • Research cooperation with universities 
  • Consulting and exchanging news on different topics 
  • Facilitating and coordinating with agencies in Thailand and agencies in Europe both nationally and regionally. 


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